Reinhard and Birgit H. from Austria, came to Romania and laid the foundation of TimoTeams ministry. .

They started to visit churches and began Bible study groups called “Timotei” with young people from Cluj, Medias, Targu Mures and Sighisoara.



Reinhard and Birgit hold seminars on the study of the Bible in churches and college campuses from cities where the study groups began.



Outreach with young people in Serbia.



Study groups continue to develop as groups of churches or home groups.



The first camp “Joshua”is organized. The purpose of the camp is discipling young people and training them for missions. This camp was followed by an outreach in Serbia.



Joshua Youth Camp is taking place again, Romanian leaders lead the camp.

Seminars about how to study the Bible are held all around the country.



Six Romanians: Beta, Laura, Florin Vasile, Florina, Nicoleta, Florin M, form the Youth With A Mission Timo Teams base. They are functioning in a rented house.

The first SBI (School of Biblical Interpretation) is organized with 8 students – it takes place in Cluj, for reasons of space.

The third Camp Joshua takes place.



The second SBI (School of Biblical Interpretation) this time in Medias, with 14 students, followed by outreach in Egypt, Serbia and Republic of Moldova.

The first DTS (Discipleship Training School) is organized in the YWAM base followed by the outreach in Turkey and Bucharest.

The students are working with street children. Study groups reach a total of 5.

In Camp Joshua 52 young people come. They split in teams and go in outreach in Moldova, Serbia and South of Romania.

Reinhard and Birgit move to Medias with their children to serve as part of staff.

Marta joins the team as a volunteer; she is from Republic of Moldova.



SBI with 10 students went in outreach in Serbia and Egypt. The second DTS opened in November.

The Bible study groups are developing and their members are coming to the Joshua camp and they also go in outreach same as every year.

An evangelism ministry starts in one of the parts of Medias (district Vitro).

In this time at the base Pro Medias is starting, a prayer project that brings together in intercession people from the base and from the churches in town.



The first SBCW (School of Biblical Christian Worldview) is started and it has 10 students, there’s also a mini DTS of one month with 15 students.

Camp Joshua continues to equip and send young people in Oltenia, Turnu Severin, Slobozia, Serbia.

Other Bible study groups are initiated in: Bosanci and Suceava country.

The base starts a Christian magazine to ensure communication between these groups.



SBI starts with 5 students. Most of them are from the least evangelized continents (Africa, Asia).

The school ends with an outreach to Egypt.

Camp Joshua speaks again to 40 young people about the importance of Bible study and preaching the Word of God.

The camp ends with an outreach in Turnu-Severin.

We bought land and started building plans and approvals for a mission base called “The House of the Nations”.

Reinhard and Birgit and their family return to Austria from where they will depart for their next missionary project: Egypt.

They have remained our supporters and advisors to the present.

YWAM Medias (Timoteams) celebrates ten years.



SBI starts with 7 students.

For Camp Joshua 45 young people come and a part of them go in outreach to Moldova.

The evangelistic project from the district Vitro develops.

ProMedias (intercession for Medias) continues and we see significant changes taking place in the areas we prayed for.

The House of the Nations is also rising with many prayers.

Two of our members participate in a outreach in Asia.



Along with the second SBCW (School of Biblical Christian Worldview) with 9 students, YWAM Medias organizes several courses and conferences designed to reach young people with the great commission: “321 Start” (a one month course, the 12 participants went in outreach in Republic of Moldova and Oltenia) and “Camp Joshua” (the participants went in outreach in Moldova) and the conference “Misionarul” in Medias and the “Mission Pure and Simple” with 5 participants.

A mission intervention in disasters was organized, during which 25 young people helped in the flooded area in Comanesti.



DTS (Discipleship Training School) starts with 8 students that go in outreach in Egypt.

The SBI (School of Biblical Interpretation) helps 7 students from Romania and Moldova to find Christian principles of life from the Bible.

Outreaches have taken place in Slobozia, Galati and Republic of Moldova.

Several seminars are organized: “Jump Start”, “Biblical Christian Worldview” and 5 conferences, “ProMesia” in various cities and Evangelical churches (over 600 participants) which continues our vision of discipleship, equipping and sending the young.

Another 321 Start brought together 7 young people (they went in outreach in Rast).

Camp Joshua became the Festival “Promisiune” to provide the opportunity of a larger number of young people to participate (this year over 300 young people attended the conference, 80 of them went in outreaches in: Oltenia, India, Turkey, Moldova.

Adi and Lia Crisan, Lydia and Asia joined TimoTeams.

The “House of the Nations” it is almost built.



DTS (Discipleship Training School) with 10 students from Romania, Moldova, Singapore and the Netherlands.

The students went in outreaches in: Oltenia, Slobozia, Egypt and Bulgaria.

SBI starts with 7 students.

JumpStart seminars, the 5 conferences “Promisiune” reach over 700 young people from: Botosni, Cluj, Oradea, Sibiu, Timisoara.

Five young people experience theoretically and practically missions (they go in outreach in Oltenia).

The festival “ProMesia” had over 300 participants and teams are formed that go in outreach to: Galati, Draganesti Olt, Corabia, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, India, Siberia and Albania.

An outreach is organized in the flooded area: Tecuci, to help the people.

Although the construction is not completed at The House of the Nations the team is moving there.



28 young people are trained and discipled in our schools: SBI, DTS, SBCW and 321 Start.

They went in outreaches in: Oltenia, Medgidia, Moldova, Macedonia, Uganda, Kenya and an Asian country.

Also we organized an outreach in Vienna before the European Football Championship.

The festival “Promisiune” was attended by over 100 young people of whom 38 went in outreach to: Marasesti, Corabia, Rep. Moldova, Transnistria, Turkey, and Egypt.

Together with local churches we organized 5 mission conferences in the country and Cahul, which had over 400 youth participants.

Our staff went in outreaches and for training in South Africa, Uganda, and Ukraine.

In The House of the Nations the heating system was finished.

At the end of November other young people joined us, so that we now have 20 missionaries.



SBI had 7 students and mission projects in the Middle East.

Also 8 students participated in a DTS that was focused on mass-media and youth evangelism.

Mission projects were in India, Kenya, R.Moldova, and South Romania (Oltenia).

During the summer we organized two Mission Schools in Cahul (Rep.Moldova) and Draganesti-Olt (South Romania).

We had 10 students and the outreaches were in Rep. Moldova, Oltenia and Serbia.

ProMission Festival sent teams in Ialomita (Romania), Ukraine and Serbia.

We sent out the first long term missionaries: Adin in Kenya, Beta in Serbia and Dana in India.

We developed local ministries with children and youths, and are planting churches in the area.



Starts with DTS, a suitable place for the 9 students to know the love of God and to share it to the people in East Asia, Kenya and Rep. Moldova.

ProMission Festival sends mission teams to sustain long term missionaries ministries in Romania (Dorohoiand Oltenia), Rep. Moldova, India, Israel, Kenya and Serbia (organized a mini DTS for a month).

The summer continues with building King’s Kids team and being involved in the local ministries: youth groups Dinamic and Tarnavioara, children in the foster care center in Agarbiciu, a literacy program for gypsy children in neighbourhood, sustaining the church in Agarbiciu and planting a church in Dumbraveni. In all these ministries we had help from mission teams from England, Germany and Argentina.

They also helped us with the construction at the mission base.

The autumn finds us prepared for another school (School of Biblical Christian Worldview), where 10 students face different philosophies of the world with the Truth of the Bible.

At the end of the year we are glad for everything that God did in and with the life of the people involved in His ministry through YWAM Mediaș.



The Discipleship Training School takes place with 6 students.

They go on mission to Oltenia and Kenya. A new ministry is started with children in Dumbrăveni.

The work with children in Seleuș is resumed (20 Roma children are recieving literacy training to learn how to read and write).

A mini camp for youth (from orphanages or in difficult situations, from Botoșani) takes place.

Children’s camp is organised in Prod with about 100 people from 11 different locations and 3 orphanages.

The 6th edition of the ProMission Festival ends with a mission in Oltenia, Kenya, China, Moldova and India.



ProMission festival takes place where 50 motivated young people put themselves at God’s disposal and go on mission in several locations: the Republic of Moldavia, Oltenia, Serbia, Kenya, India and China.



The exterior of the base in Mediaș is finished.

King’s Kids in Nemșa, Copșa Mare, Dumbrăveni and Seleuș is resuming after a two-year break.



The School of Bible Interpretation takes place with a total of 14 students from Romania and Moldavia.

vAfter the 3 months of theory school, the students were able to apply what they had learned during the course in their missions in Germany, Oltenia , Ukraine and some of them served 3 months in India.

Local work continues in Mediaș and surroundings: Dumbrăveni (church planting work in partnership with the Baptist Church of Mediaș), Dârlos, Târnăvioara, Seleuș, Nemșa.

The work with King’s Kids continues.

There are 4 children and youth camps with over 140 children.

8th edition of the ProMission festival. The teams go in ministry for a month in 4 locations: India, Ukraine, Republic of Moldavia and Oltenia.



God has opened doors for us to reach out to over 400 children, youth and families with the King’s Kids ministry through 5 camps and ministries.

The ProMission Festival returns with the 9th edition.

Nearly 60 youth participated in the 5 missions held this year.

The DTS (Discipleship Training School) takes place.

A new base leader – Daniel Pop.



3 staff from the mission centre in Mediaș pioneer a new Youth With A Mission base in Craiova.

Several schools are taking place: DTS (11 students), School of Biblical Perspectives on the World (7 students) and the School of Bible Interpretation (7 students). 5 of the students from these schools decided to join as missionaries to YWAM Mediaș and Craiova.

ProMission Festival continues to bring young people together to take the Kingdom forward.

The festival has reached its 10th edition with 60 youth. After a week of mission training, the teams go to Kenya, India, Moldavia and Craiova.



Several schools and seminars are held:

School of Bible Interpretation with 8 students coming from different countries such as: Romania, Tonga and Italy. The mission runs for two months in Romania in the Oltenia, Cluj and Galați regions.

During this year’s Discipleship Training School, God has shown his faithfulness to us. 8 young people completed the the theoretical part of the school and will go on mission to Jordan among Syrian refugees.

Work with families – 2 family camps.

King’s Kids.




Discipleship Training School in taking place with 7 young people eager to share the Gospel with a grateful and loving heart.

DTS is involved in a new project that consists of handing out Bibles and New Testaments on the streets of Mediaș and two other neighbouring villages, from house to house.

The students went on mission to Germany and Jordan.

Local ministries: literacy, street ministry, King’s Kids.

Football camp in Prod, with 70 children and youth from all over Romania.

ProMission Festival- 8 teams go on short term mission to Jordan, Greece, India (Bihar), Oltenia, Republic of Moldavia, Bacau, Uganda and Mobile Team.

The new YWAM base from Craiova sends 10 young people on mission for the first time.



Pro-Adventure- a 7 days camp with 12 teenagers.

CEAI (Who Is This Jesus)- a setting created for youth to come into God’s presence, change and commit to expand God’s Kingdom in Mediaș and to the ends of the Earth.

„Pray and Go 100” – an event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Unification of Romania through evangelism.

Literacy continues.

ProMission – For the first time 10 families come to ProMission. Two teams are sent to two new locations: Eastern India and Ethiopia.

King’s Kids.

Football Camp.

Two Family Camps.

An open gift.




An outstretched hand



Pray and Go

An open gift

Seminar for educators

ProMission – Germany, Jordan

King’s Kids

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