Mercy Ministry

“Mercy ministry has always had an important place in my heart. Starting with simple visits, I have continued to develop relationships with people and invest in both the material and spiritual realms.

Before the pandemic, I became friends with one of the families coming to another project called  “A Warm Meal”. Due to restrictions, I was no longer able to cook for the project so I decided to go home to the people in need and Susan family came to mind. They live in a social housing estate, in quite poor conditions. In March 2020, I called them and told them I would like to meet them and go to boy some food  together. I continued to visit them weekly and the Discipleship Training School, organised by TPM Mediaș was a great support for me as the students joined in the visits and we were able to have a bigger impact in their lives.

After one year the number of families I visited increased to 8. My desire is that we can proclaim the Gospel to them through love that we show, the songs that we sing, the messages we share, the prayer and helping integrate them into the church and society. The ways in which we do this are various: food parcels, repairs to their homes or transport to doctors. It has been a great joy for me to see the fruits that the Lord has brought: The Susan family’s desire to know more about Jesus  or “dad” Gheorghe who made a covenant with the Lord through baptism. These testimonies give me even more enthusiasm to persevere in this and do not give up on the calling the Lord has for me.”

Florina S.

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