"Go and make disciples ..." - these are the words that stay in my mind when I think about DTS that we are preparing during this time. We have the call to make disciples and, at the same time, to be disciples. We want to be and make disciples of Jesus, who walk every day with Him, obey, teach others and tell others.

This autumn we want to start a new DTS in Mediaş. We intend that this time will be a time of knowing God, of discovering and walking in the gifts we have received from Him, a time to learn to walk by faith in a safe environment.
We are encouraged by the fact that most of the teachers have responded positively to our invitation to come and teach the future students. Also we are also thankful for all those young people interested in making a change in their lives and we would like others to join this DTS.
We want this 5-months journey to be a milestone for both the participants and the school enthusiasts.
Thank you for praying for us! - Moni E.

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