Stiri din Etiopia

Ethiopian experience this time was a bit different and maybe easier than the first time because I already knew certain things about culture. By the grace of God I managed to reach different cities and villages in Ethiopia, where I met workers of the Kingdom and I was able to be part of the some ministries they are involved in. In every location where I have been, I have seen the great need for workers for the Kingdom of God. Here spiritual battles are more intense, and there are many areas where the devil keeps people captive, stopping them from tasting the Truth.

One of the ministry I have served here recently with another Romanian, has been with poor families. We tried to give encouragement and hope to them in the challenges they are going through and bless them with what we had for their daily needs. We are grateful for all that God has done for us and through us during this time. And we believe and pray that He will continue His work in Ethiopia.
Thank you for your prayers. God has taken care of us and has protected us so far. Continue to pray for our protection and God continue to lift workers for His Kingdom. - Alina

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