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Life at YWAM Medias is beautiful, with many opportunities, blessings, joy, beautiful moments, moments when we pray for others.

Yes, the Lord has done great things for us, and that is why we are full of joy. Psalmi 126:3

But there is also a less pleasant part, when the loved ones after a time are moving to another place. And this time is about Estera B. and Rebeca S.

comunitate Estera


"My time at YWAM MediaƟ was one of the most precious in my life. The place where I grew up in the relationship with Him, where I learned how to relate to people. A community that trusted me and gave me grace. Things that have been of great help to me in the cross-cultural mission to China where I have been able to share the values that I have learnd to YWAM Medias. The prayers and support I have received here are invaluable!
God brought me to Romania, in Craiova for a while, and then to France, where I continue to explore other areas of the mission. From there I am traveling to bless other nations on short term more through intercession and encouragement. "- Estera B.


comunitate Rebeca


"YWAM Medias is part of my family. There I grew up and I formed myself as a worker. I thank Lord for the people who put around me being there.
There are many changes that have happened in my life this year. After three years of working in Nepal, in March 2019 I returned to Romania, where I serve for a while. God brought Benjamin in my life and this year, in September, we will get married.
After a time of prayer together, we felt guided to work with ELS Ministry in Cluj, which is part of YWAM as well. Here we are involved in a church planting group, where we meet regularly to make known God. We are also involved in building houses for people in need. This opens our doors and help us to build relationships to the spreading of the Kingdom of God.
Thank you very much for all of you who are part of the ministry that I am involved in."- Rebeca S.

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