Youth With A Mission - To know God and to make Him known.How would I describe our trip with God this year?

We started thinking that we want God to do something new in our community, that we want to know better the will of God for us in the new season we entered.

And this season was not easy for us, because when you want to know the will of God, when you want Him to do something new, it first involves breaking down the old things that do not bring fruit. And this process requires a lot of humility and pain.

We were like a land that God has worked and cleaned it to be able to plant new seeds that later will bring fruit.

We have went through a process in which we have analyzed the purpose and motivation why we are here for in the YWAM. And we realized that we are here because we love Jesus and we want to be His faithful servants for building His kingdom here in Medias.

At the same time, God has begun to entrust us new dreams and new ways to invest in other people. And we feel that we are like a seed that is still in the ground that God cares for, and wets and at the right time will bring fruit.

It wasn’t a harvest season, but it was a season of preparation, modeling, a season in which "the seed" must die so that it can bear fruit.

It is not easy to expect and see nothing as "seed", but we trust the Character, kindness and faithfulness of the "Sower" and this makes us hopeful for the future that at the right time we will bring fruit and we will enjoy because of the new crops.

Lidia Pop

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