Binecuvantand Kenya

Looking back, we can say that God is faithful and everything that He begins brings to the end. After three years with His help I went back to Kenya with my sister. I saw there and I met there people transformed by God.

We felt blessed! And we have a wonderful family that has welcomed us. We served in the nearby church and in a church with more Americans.

As workers we managed to go to the rehabilitation center for girls. Where we were able to serve them and offer them a warm hug. Then we went to the boys rehabilitation center. And Rebekah - my sister - taught them some accords. Together we played football and we talked to them. We I visited a good friend at the hospital. I met her at the mission center three years ago. At the orphanage we were for 2 days and we were able to help them practically. Also we had a program with over 180 children.
With God’s help, we have visited the mission center for two precious. And we have been able to share experiences, to pray together and to encourage each other. At a center for abused girls and women we could serve and share the love and the message of the Gospel.

And the last week of our time there we spent time in another orphanage. When we arrived there it was night. Next day we could enjoy the beauty around us, green spots in the mountains… Until that time we’ve been in the desert area. The fresh air and the big buildings it made us feel like we were in another world. I walked by faith in a new and hopeful place - an orphanage of over 80 children with a playground built by Americans. There I saw that you can have everything you need, if nobody is playing with you and doesn’t show you unconditional love, it doesn’t matter! The thought that I’ve had all the time in my mind - was to give everyone a hug and tell them that they are my brothers and sisters, and they can come to talk to us and to enjoy each other together. After a week I received a letter from a girl which touched my heart: "Thank you for coming to us and for accepting me as part of your family. I will never forget this experience, because you have changed my life." I read while my luggage was ready and I left the orphanages in tears, with a heart of gratitude: "Lord, I didn’t do much, but You did everything.

We felt enriched by learning precious lessons and, especially, by seeing God working among us and with us. After 4 years of prayers, the family, where we’ve stayed last time and now, found a job. And we are enjoying because of His faithfulness.

"Kenya is a wonderful country. It has remained in my heart. Anytime I would go back to the “country of chocolate people”. I lived there for a month and I made a lot of friends. I feel at home in Kenya. May Lord bless this people! "- Rebeca

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