un cadou deschisHere are a few testimony about “An Open Gift”:

"For me, the most beautiful in this period was the caroling. I loved bring the Good News. The lyrics helped me to have another understanding of the truth of the Christmas holiday. I have realized and experienced the true joy that came to earth with our Messiah the Redeemer. When visiting the kindergarten, where we were able to bring the Good News to the little ones, I felt the same joy as I saw in the eyes of the little children. A lyric from a carol that we sang these days says: "Make room for Jesus in your heart, do not let Him go." It marked me! I want to give all my heart to Christ, not just for Christmas, but every day." - Darius Ratiu

"It was a nice, new and challenging experience, an experience that made me exceed my limits more than I expected and more than I had planned.
When we were caroling at the Fireman's Department in Medias, I had a thought to pray for those who work there. With this idea in mind I went to one of our group leaders to suggest him to do this. But to my surprise, he told me to ask the firefighters if we can pray for them and if they will accept I should pray for them. I turned to the one who seemed to be the person in charge in that room, and, with great hesitation, I asked him to allow me to pray for them. And he accepted. I expected the officer to announce the "great event", but to my surprise, he followed the path of our group leader telling me that I can suggest to others to prayer for them when I want it. So I took courage and I told them that I was going to pray for them and the whole department. I prayed shortly. I tried not to get tangled up and stammered too much, which turned out to be difficult in the end.
It was the first time I had been praying out loud outside of the church building. And it was not the easiest thing to do because I do not pray aloud even in the church. But it was a good challenge "- Daniel Constantin from Bucharest

"We were at the end of the project, "An Open Gift," and we went on the streets to share with people the hope and joy of the most wonderful Child, Jesus. After discussing with a few people and praying for them, I went near by a store where I saw an older saleswoman. God challenged me through a thought, to go to the store. I had a small gift that I offered her. Her look and her reaction were unexpected for me. First, she rejoiced without understanding why a stranger gave her a gift. In this way I was able to start a discussion and to talk to her about the birth of Jesus. I was able to encourage her and challenge her to think about her life and how God cares and blesses her.
What challenged me in that discussion was the wrong image of God that people have about. With this wrong idea she lived on a daily basis. But I saw Him reaching her heart by my words and by giving her a gift.
God is not complicated, and in His simplicity He changes lives. "- Alina Chira

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