Pray and GoThis is a tool to motivate our generation to prayer and evangelism.

And we, as missionaries, were also challenged to be part of such projects. It seems this has given us more courage to approach people on the street or in different contexts.

When you pray, things are changing.

And we even saw people who apparently seem disinterested, but starting a conversation with them, we figured out that people are looking for happiness but in the wrong places.

We were in the market and we gave New Testaments to people.

And all the way around, we went over twice to a young man selling some vegetables. And because of the lack of clients he was playing games on the phone. I had the urge to give him a New Testament, but I avoided him, thinking that he would refuse me. I took the courage to interrupt him and to my surprise, he spent some time listening to us, leaving the phone aside and he seemed interested. We use this tool with teenagers and young people from the Medias area, but this year we want to use it with other youth groups in the country.

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