Un nou membru in familia TPM MediaşAdriana is from Copsa Mare, a fruit of Restore's work in Brateiu, who was keen to know God on a deeper level. Due to the fact that she did not have a transport to come to school in Medias, we’ve looked for solutions along with her mentor, Miha Kuhnert. And we realised that YWAM Medias would be a good place for her for the next season until she will finish the high school. We enjoy having her around and when we are together she is involved in King's Kids ministry with Miha and Danny. She is involved in Copsa Mare in her church in the worship band and to the kids ministry.

"I am very happy that I am at the base. Since I came I feel good with the people here. I like that we gather together as girls and we have moments of praise and worship. I feel relaxed in this base. And I am blessed to be part of this community." - Adriana

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