Români din 6 biserici la Conferința O Misiune în ItaliaThe last months of the year were for us crowded with the preparation of a new evangelistic event for the people we work with here in India. The church brothers also invited people so that the room was once again full. More than 200 people have heard of Jesus’ birth.

We had been planning for a few weeks to come to Romania, but we did not receive the Indian visa until December, after 5 months of waiting. However, God helped us to come home at the end of the year, on Christmas, and spend a nice time with family, friends, people and churches in Galati who support us in the ministry.

At the invitation of some old friends, we went to a community of Romanians in Italy, Torino area, on January 16th, where I and Viliami helped to organize a two-day mission conference, but also a youth evening, a meeting with the teachers Sunday School etc.

The Torino Gospel Christian Church hosted the events, but we were invited to present the mission to the "Golgotha" Baptist Church in the same city.

The conference was attended by Romanians from 6-7 churches in the area, over 200 people in those 2 days. Our goal was to make them aware about the Gospel on the globe, the need to bring the Good News to the lost, but also to show them practical ways in which they can be lights right where they are in the family, church, their city,, at work or where they are studying.
We were glad that everyone was very open and welcoming. They opened their hearts and homes, and God touched many, giving them ideas to do more:

"I have a Muslim at work," said a participant man. “I was afraid to talk, to be a friend of him. Now I realize that I could actually share the Gospel with him."

"There are more African children in my daughter's school and they often stay with their mothers outside. They have long clothes. They are Muslims. You gave me an idea not to stand apart, but to talk, to make friends with them. So maybe I can tell them something about the Lord." - participant lady

"I used to always complain about my job here, my home, my rent, the high prices. This conference was like a wake from sleep for me. I never thought I was here in Italy for other things, too. I could talk about God to Italians or other immigrants from my work or around. I would like to change this."- another brother said at the end.

"In the area where I am, there are many African Muslims. Most young boys. I was just talking to my wife that we could invite them to our home, teach them Italian, make friends with them. We are here for a long time and we know the language." - a participant man.

These were just a few of the discussions that we’ve had with the conference participants during the breaks or at the end. We believe that the Lord used this time to inspire them to be more involved and more carefully with the way they reflect the Gospel around. Both churches who received us were amazed and generous by organizing offerings for our ministry in India. It is an invaluable help for this new beginning of the year.

Dana și Viliami, India

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