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Local Projects

  • Church Planting Dumbraveni
  • Youth Ministry Darlos
  • Tarnavioara Meetings
  • Support for orphans
  • Literacy for gypsy children
  • Other projects

The church planting work from Dumbraveni started in 2010 in partnership with the Baptist Church from Mediaș. In this city we had a church that had activity in the past but there were no members but only 1-2 old-aged families without a pastor and the construction of the church was dismantled. Our team goes every Sunday to serve and to encourage people to come to Christ through evangelism and other activities in this city.

In the spring of 2013 In Dumbraveni we had a baptism. A young man wanted to be baptized here, although he is not from Dumbraveni, and now he works with YWAM Mediaș.
God gave us an idea of how to invest more in children and youngsters, so we started to make football training every Tuesday and other activities with the children in the city. And through these we want to be closer to them, to befriend with them, to teach them the christian principles, and to show them the love of God.
At the beginning there were only 5-6 youths and now the number has grown to 15 and they come regularly .
We organized evangelism with teams and with Operation Mobilization.

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In this village from this county we work with a group of youths for many years.
At the beginning of 2012 we had an objective , that every youth to discover God in the personal way, and to want to be baptized. God discovered Himself to them , easy and verry quick, faster than we would expect. So from this baptism that was in this summer of current year, every young people with which we began the year were baptized, with the exception of a girl from a non-Christian family.
In this work we did a large and a distant step and we organized evengelism evenings programs for youths.
We was skeptical at the beginning , but we experienced the guidance of God. At the first meeting there were 7 non-Christians but at the second meeting there were 12 new youths. We was powerfull encouraged how God opens doors for us to see His love to this generation.
At the first meeting for non-Christians was an young guy from another locality ,friend and colleague of a girl from youth group. After that meeting he took some radical changes in his life. Cristina , his colleague told us that he decided to break up with his girlfriend because he no longer wanted to live in fornication with her.
He decided to go again to church ( He also went to youth programs in the church of his village ). And he started to pray , and search God, he was praying even in bus when came from work.
In another evening to another youth meeting with 15 minutes before leaving , 5 young non-Christians came in the church and they wanted to sing with us. We was amazed of how God called them in church, without even invite them in a special way. We was very encouraged to continue with what we started in this village.

Daniel P.

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For several years we operate these meetings with teens and youths. Most of them , come from rrom or broken families.
The biggest challange in work with youths from Tarnavioara , is that we have teens with age of 14 and youths with age of 29 and its hard to find common activities and discussion subjects to be of interest to all. Therefore we tried to make biblical study of Jesus's life and to look at subjects like : " The 5 Languages ​​of Love, What God says about sexuality " and many others.
Its not easy , but we see how God leads us week by week , month by month and year by year in the investition that we want to do in this teenagers who come from broken families , non-Christian families , and from where is pain and hopelessness .
God uses us as a channel through which gives joy, hope and salvation in the hearts of these young people

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From fall of 2013 God opened us a door of ministry and in the same time He gived us a good burden
on our hearts for abandoned children.
In the hospital of the city , there are children who are brought and abandoned by their parents and in the period of abandon . The Child protection organization takes the childs but this will last from a couple of days till a few months. In this conditions the hospital asked for help.
There are many people in our base who go Weekly and helps the medical personal in taking care of those abandoned kids, to help develop their emotional, intellectual and physical and spiritual power through organizing games, learning them how to sing songs and gave them a hug , a hug that they want and need.
God uses us as a channel through which gives joy, hope and salvation in the hearts of these young people.

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We started this work few years ago from our desire to help rrom children to learn how to read ,how to write and helping them to school enrollment.
We do biblical lessons ,sing and play games with them in open-air. The joy and the enthusiasm they had was because we do care for them. We want to show them the love of Christ, they can't find this love at their homes. In summer time the childrens interacted with youths and teens who came from another countries to do missions in Romania and with the purpose to show Jesus in a practical way.
From fall we started again literacy and now we learn 8 childrens to write and read Christian principles for their lives .
Our challange is to have 2, 3 hours a week of learning , what their parents should do with them at home every day. Many times we repeat what we learned them because they forget in the next week.
Their challange is to take the parents responsabilities to wake them up and to prepare to school, because their parents aren't in this country .
" My clock didn't produced any sound in this morning " ( Cosmina ) . "I didn't had money for bus. I didn't had clean clothes" ( Geanina )." I had no one to stay with my little brother home" ( Ioana ).
these are causes of why they don't come school.

With all those we see a growth, they learned to write and read better, to talk with more respectful, and even pray. I'm so glad for those results and i believe that the work we do isn't in vain.
Further we want to to help them in medical way , many of them have dental problems and they don't have the possibility to go to the doctor . We wish to be a blessing for this childs.
Estera E.

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  • Help for homeless people from Medias and Dumbraveni
  • March for family and against domestic violence
  • 1st November - Prevention of human trafficking- event in highschools and streets
  • Prayers for city , for Romania and the problems faced
  • Evangelism in parks and in another places from the city
  • Praying table and Christmas carols
  • Projects for schools and kindergartens


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