King's Kids Program



We are a young, dynamic team, made ​​up of people from many nations. Some of us are advanced in the work with children and young people, others make the first steps in this work.

What still keeps us together is the desire to see the children of Romania knowing Jesus, making disciples in His image and become a voice for the all earth.


King's Kids projects

  • " After school " - Seleus
  • Children's Club Nemsa
  • Summer camps
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Encouragement Days for families

The project started in 2012 and we do literacy with the rrom childs, support them to join the school and prevention of abandon which is very common in this poor community.
Our team goes there three times a week.
We play , sing and learn new things about God.
After we give them a snack , we help them to do their homeworks , we help them to read and to write.
We want to show them that they have value in our eyes , and what treasures are hidden in them even if they were born in poverty and discrimination.

We meet every friday at Pentecostal church from village and talk about God. We sing and have fun. We go outside to make jesus's love to be known everywhere. Weekly we have between 25 and 40 childrens and is a big joy to see them hungry after God. Four of them who are bigger than others are mini-leaders and we want to see them growing in faith and responsability.
Every year childs come at Prod . at a camp. were they meet another childs and they start to grow together in faith and in friendship. The Childs from the club are a blessing for the village Nemsa and they can spread the word of God in every house of that village.

Every year we operate christian camps for childs from our project but even for other childs.
We had participants from many other counties ( Sibiu , Suceava , Oltenia , Alba Iulia , Timisoara etc. )
One of the camps is for football for boys. We had training, games and teachings about value, respect, forgiveness and what means to be in God's team. Those changed kids hearts .
At the trainig they had the occasion to put in practice what they heart in the morning.
We was even visited by professional football team Gaz Metan Medias. The boys have been practicing with them, they earned the team autographs.
The Prod camps turned in a good tradition. We operate 3-4 camps like those at year ,for about 150 childs every year. There are childs who never heard about God that assist, and childs who are in our team and do different works. This is an opportunity for youngsters to get out from their environment, to make new friends , to have their food provided and to discover what love is. They hear and experience word of God by learning how to pray , how to glorify God through songs and bless the others. We enjoy seeing them growing every year and becoming true healthy young christians .

Every Christmas we give presents to poor families from our projects but eve to the other Childs from village from county.
Last year we was able to give about 800 Christmas presents to childs and families. It was a big joy for us because we was able to bring a smile and a little hope in those children's life and more than that , it was an opportunity for us to tell them The Biggest news, that Christ was born.
Thank you all who helped us at this project!

Along with work for families of TPM Romania , we organize events for families on various topics useful for them.
Participating families were part of teaching, discussion, family games and encouragement.
We are extremely happy and saw important that work with children to invest in the whole family.

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