1. Donate for our missionaries

All the workers in Youth With A Mission all over the world are working as volunteers – without a salary, and their monthly expenses or outreach fees are covered by churches, friends or other people. By supporting the young Romanian missionaries from our base in Medias, you become a precious mission partner to us!

You can give a montly donation(10-30 euros/month) or send a small unique gift to our long term missionaries.

Also your group/ church can make a monthly donation or a one-time donation for one of our local projects, for the long-term missionaries on the field or for the full-time staff/ volunteers.


2. Donate ONE BIBLE!


In the mission trips that we go, we met many Christians who are reading the Word of God incomplete or copies of Bible pagesgiven by Jehova witnesses or even whole churches where only the pastor can afford buying a Bible. Also, especially in the nations that are closed to the Gospel, receiving a Bible can change the life of a person and help that person come to Christ. You can help distributing Bibles by donating 5 euros in the bank account bellow. Please mention “for the Bibles”.


3. Donate for our PROJECTS!


Waling by faith is familiar to us, as our entire activity is based on donations and finnancial or material gifts. We need support in the following projects:

* Schools - many of our students come from the country side or other poor areas in Romania, Rep. of Moldova or other countries and they don’t manage to raise all the funds they need for school tuition or outreach fees.

* TimoTeams Agency’s projects and outreaches - we want to provide access to local and cross-cultural outreach for the students, young people from the country side or with little finacial possibilities. There is also the expenses for the Christian materials, organizing children/ youth activities, evangelism projects, transportation, etc.

If God puts on your heart to make a donation for any of these projects, you can use the following bank account:

Fundatia Tineri Pentru Misiune Medias

Banca Comerciala Româna SA, Sucursala Medias
str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 2A, 551018 Media?, Sibiu, Romania

COD IBAN: RO96 RNCB 0231 0195 4976 0001
Cont: 25511.A01.0.1954976.0231.ROL.1

COD IBAN: RO69 RNCB 0231 0195 4976 0002
Cont: 2551.A01.0.1954976.0231.EUR.2

Thank you! Be blessed!

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