The Discipleship Training School was postponed

The Discipleship Training School was postponed this year.

Our mission school continues to be a tool through which God uses us to disciple young people, to challenge them for missions, and together to learn to be ready to act according to His will.

We have planned to run such a school from the end of January 2018. Due to the fact that we did not have enough students, we decided to cancel it and with the help of the Lord, we want to run it at the end of September 2018.

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The youth from Oltenia are going to the nations

Three years ago when we moved to Craiova one of our dreams was to see young people from Oltenia who would know God and His heart for the nations and would be ready to go in mission by themselves. We were surprised to see this dream come true in such a short time.

We are glad that the youth from Oltenia understood the heart of God for the nations and they wanted to go to bless the nations. 

This year, not only we as team, attended the ProMission Festival, but we managed to bring with us over 10 young people from Oltenia in different locations of the country.

Moreover, the team who came in outreach in Craiova was made up only from youth from Oltenia.

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God hears us and cares about us

The Morosans, Croatia

One evening, when Ana and I started the street evangelism, I felt rather exhausted. I sighed, I turned to her and said how nice it would be to meet some Canadians (Ana is from Canada). So that I could have a conversation effortlessly. I just wanted to talk to people who were open and friendly.

I was partly selfish because I was tired, but also because I really wanted to share my life and faith more easily.

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Not interest about church, but about our friendship

Two weeks ago, as we were going to Târnavioara, we me two boys on the way. We stopped the car and we invited them to the meeting that we are organizing it weekly. 

Though they told me they would come, I did not expect this to happen. They smelled cigarettes, they looked poorly dressed and that made me to be suspicious about coming to our group. To my surprise, they came. At first they were more uncomfortable but the welcoming atmosphere we created and the activities helped them to integrate quickly.

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The different roads of the mission in Asia

    maxresdefaultold tibetan woman


News from Pavel and Roxana

God led us in the last few years on a different road than we thought and planned. None of us is a business person, in training and vocation, but the actual changes of the law in China forces us to open profitable businesses to receive the visa. This is how we got to start our business as missions, a project through which to take the good news, but also be able to get the visa.

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News from our literacy program


2016 has meant for our literacy group a year with various stages because we had more people involved in this ministry. In the spring we had with us 4 girls 

from the Discipleship Training School who have been very helpful by allowing us to deal with each child. During summer, our meetings took a break because we were away on outreach, but we have started again in the fall. We were glad to have a team from Switzerland who visited us and had a heart for these children and have invested a lot in this ministry, it was indeed a real support to us!

Meanwhile we continued to teach them the importance of prayer, to tell Bible stories and also to help them with school by improving their knowledge and inspire a desire in them to become people of integrity in society.


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Our External Mission Agency- a yoke of chocolate

mission ywam



In 2016 we reached 13 countries from 3 continents of the world sending 15 longterm missionaries, 10 outreach teams- a total of 84 people! In our base we hosted people from 24 different countries who come to be part of our projects or schools.

 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?Numbers 23:19

You will be a blessing for many nations” is what God promised us years ago, years in which we couldn’t dream of airplane flights, because they were so expensive, we barely had money to pay the rent for the house in Mediaș and to eat. But God was faithful to His promise even if we didn’t always believe.

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A new begining


Happy New Year!

Although the month of gifts has ended, as a team we were blessed with two cute gifts: Elsie Beatrice and Sara Pop, the newest members of YWAM Medias! On January 24 we began a new course in the Discipleship Training School. The course will last 5 months. The first 3 months of theory will take place at the YWAM Medias base, then the other 2 months they will go in mission, in either Jordan or Nepal.....

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