Afterschool at the ukrainian school

Another part of this ministry is the afterschool program with the ukrainian kids that was possible thanks to Iulia, a ukrainian lady established in Medias. After a conversation we had with her in September, we discovered they want to open a school and an afterschool program for Ukrainian kids in the city. The project began through faith, having only the kids and parents’ desire to finally meet face to face in a specific place after 3 years of pandemic. 

Our involvement began with offering 50 fully packed school backpacks so the kids can have a start. We make monthly financial investments for supplies and rent. Teachers’ paychecks are also a part of our focus because we want them to be motivated to stay and work in the school and not to find themselves in the situation of finding another job due to lack of money. 

Besides all this, we are happy to stand with them in the afterschool program, offering them different activities, smiles and a lot of love.

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