School of Bible Interpretation (SBI)


SBI ( School of Bible Interpretation) goal is to give to the students a tool ( inductive method) with which they could study each type of literature from the Bible, without knowing necessarily Greek or Hebrew.

The curriculum is build in the following ways:

    • Bible Interpretation Method
    • Interpreting Epistles/Collosians
    • Preaching and Teaching
    • Interpreting Old Testament Law ( Deuteronomy)
    • Interpreting Old Testament Narrative ( Ruth)
    • Introduction to Biblical Christian Worldview
    • Interpreting Hebrew poetic books ( Psalms)
    • Interpreting the Old Testament prophecy ( Amos)
    • Brief overview of Church history
    • Interpreting New Testament Narrative/Gospels & Acts
    • Interpreting New Testament Prophecy/Revelation

The teacher of each week is giving the overview of the type of literature we will do that week and also the overview of the book we will study and also the particularity of the way we study that type of literature ( for Revelation we have as type of literature, narration, prophecy, some hymns/poetry a lot of symbols and figure of speech)
Also the teacher is studying together with the students Historical context of the book
( Usually the teacher give general overview of the book and after let the students by themselves or in small groups with what they found in the book and what they are find in dictionary write about historical context)
The teacher is giving also the structure of the book and starts to study a passage with them from the book, after the students every afternoon have to study at least 2 passages and their tutors should be there to assist them. In this way at the end of the school the student will make a round journey of the Bible, they will not succeed to study all the Bible, but will have as a model a book of Bible from each form of literature and they can continue to study the Bible by themselves and proper interpret each passage of the Bible and be ready to communicate it to others.

Time and location:

September 28- December 18, 2016 theory 3 months and 2 months outreach  

The school will be organised at our YWAM Medias base, Sibiu County, Romania.




  • to be a Christian and member of a church
  • to have good recommendation from the pastor/priest and a friend who knows you
  • to be able to participate to all activities of the school
  • to live all this time at the Mission center
  • to be responsible to cover the cost of the school
  • Finishing first the Discipleship International Training School ( DTS) is a bonus and a condition to obtain a diploma with University at Nations




Romanian - English

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Testimony from an ex student:

"It was like I hold the best cake from the world in my hands... Everybody said this but I was still looking to it ...Until one day someone gave me a teaspoon and taught me how to use it and said:" Now you have it in your own hand take, eat it and taste and see how is it! "This was my experience when I start to learn how to study Bible by myself in SBI.

During the lecture phase I received a lot, I learned how to analyse a text from the Bible from different type of literature and God revealed through His word to me in ways I didn't expect, from a meaning of the word since how to apply that Bible truth in my own life. I find myself in a battle to let the flesh and the experience drive me or to choose to be lead by the Holly Spirit through God's word.

During the outreach phase we've been 5 people in India. There we've been challenged to give forward what we received. Together as a team we taught some Indian youth study the Bible using the Inductive Method. As well we taught Bible lesson to the children, women and local Christians from house groups.

Using the Inductive Method we also studied the Discipleship topic, from a very new perspective for me. I never thought that I could learn so much looking to the relationship from Jesus and His disciples and the mentorship relationship of Paul and Timothy. After I finish this study I have the opportunity to teach this subject to the Indian youth from Maratha ethnic group at a Christian Mission School.

I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to learn to feed myself from the word and give foreword the bible message to my generation.

Rebeca Sărăcuț

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