School of Biblical Christian Worldview


January 15th - April 22nd 2017

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Want to know how the Bible is relevant today? Join us in the coming School of Biblical Christian Worldview!

Grow in understanding the society today and how we got here! Discover the foundations of life offered by the Bible! Learn to ask questions and comprehend other worldviews! Be salt and light!

Ideas have consequences ! As you think you will live your life! Transformation strats in you!

Transformations starts with you – Romans 12:1-2!

Who can partipate?

School of Biblical Christian Worldview is intented to those who want to understand the world we live in through a Biblical light, to those who want to live their life according to Christian principles and to bring a change in the sphere of society they’re involved in. This course is accredited by the Univesty of the Nations in Youth With A Mission International. The graduation of the DiscipleshipTraining School is a plus and a condition of obtaining a diploma from the University of the Nations.


Teaching language:

Romanian and English


Who will lead and teach?

School will be led by the SBCW staff from Medias. Teachers from Romania and abroad will introduce new subjects every week, problems linked with the prepositions that are at the base of the social, cultural and political changes in our society.


How will the housing be?

Students will live all together in a community. This means sharing a bedroom with some other students. Families will have separate rooms. Food is included in the school price.

Can I go home after finishing the classes?

This school is an intense school. Learning will not take place only during the lessons but also through living out the learned Biblical principles. This is why it is recommended for the students to stay at the base during the whole time of the school. However, we have some free week-ends when students can go home if they wish and are able to.


Which are the school rules?

Students need to participate during the whole period in all the school activities that are presented in the program (courses, cleaning, one-on-one meetings, reading books, personal projects etc.)
Respecting rules in the community they will be part of during the whole school.
Respecting school leaders and the decisions they take on the course.
Smoking and using alcool is strictly forbidden during the whole period of the school.
Each participant is responsible to raise his/her own financial support as we will explain below.


Do I need a recommendation from my church?

We believe it is important that pastor and presbyters in your church will understand your wish to do the School of Christian Biblical Worldview. We will pay a lot of attention to the confidential recommendation of your pastor that will come along with your own application. If you don’t currently have a church, you can give the pastor’s form to another spiritual leader that has influenced your Christian life.

Costs will be announced for every school in particular


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