Discipleship Training School (DTS)


How will we do that? In a few ways like:  reading, studying, learning by heart, distributing to others  and acting theatrical / dramatic.

What we will sow will remain! We believe that through different ways of using the Bible we will be able to reach the hearts of people. Creativity and dependence on Him will guide us.

If something is worth keeping in your heart and investing in your life, that is BIBLE!


Period :

September 30th 2018 – February 24th 2019

This module include 3 months of theory and 2 months of local and transcultural mission.

Theory part few topics:

- Why is the Bible relevant for our generation?

- How to present God in a creative way?

- What is my role in the Kingdom of God?

- Contemporary mission and innovation?

- How do you know that God speaks to you?

- Who is God?

- Need of mission 

We invite you to join us and together to enlarge the Kingdom of God! It is worth investing in the lives of others and being the change you want to see in the world. God can use you in ways you don’t even think about!

Practical part

2 months of outreach/internship

The possible outreach locations:

In Romania

In Africa

In Asia



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