The last days of autumn full of colours and the aroma of the last hearvest, make you feel fascinated to contemplate and reflect. It's almost the end of the year.

How much of what I've been planning this year, have I done?With the cold season come the questions. What gifts will I receive this year? What gifts should I give? Where will I spend the holidays? If you aren't sure about all these, come with us!!!

Do you want to be a gift for others? Do you want to bring joy to those around you?

And this year we would like to be a blessing for the Medias area. "An Open Gift" is an annual project when we go to the strategic areas in Medias to offer: a smile, a glass of hot tea, a Bible and prayer for the passers-by.

If your answer is "Yes!", we are waiting for you to join us from 10th-19th of December 2018. We are waiting for you.

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