King's Kids Nemsa village 

It's a great joy to see how the youth in King's Kids from Nemsa growing up. They are more and more open and have many questions about God and about Christian life. They begin to have a deeper relationship with the Lord and they, firstly, experience God's response to prayer.

From the larger group, a smaller one of 7 people meets almost every Saturday for a time of worship and study. At a youth meeting, I was personally encouraged, after the message all came courageously forward and accepted the offer of personal prayer. We now want to bring the aspect of evangelism and let others know what we have learned.

So I asked some of them what King's Kids means to them:

Esther (16 years old): "For me, King's Kids is a commitment to the young people in the villages especially! I can say that this organization is the hope for a generation more interested, more passionate and more active in pouring out the heart for people! From King's Kids, I could learn what a relationship with God means ... and I could experience a little bit of what God means!"

Simona (13 years old): "For me King's Kids means ... I do not know how to say, but when I say “King's Kids” is like a blast of joy in my mind and in me ... I have learned: if we are united and we have God then we can do everything. For me it is important that we, those from the church, to stay united. There we do various activities, games, we pray and we play. And I learned that the most important thing is: WITHOUT GOD, I CAN’T MAKE ANYTHING. BUT IF I HAVE GOD ON MY SIDE, I CAN DO FROM THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. "

Iozefina (13 years old): "King's Kids for me is like a second family. There I can be myself. And I really like the fact that leaders take a lot of time for us and that they care about us! The most important for me is that we have God there with us, I always feel this when I am in the group. I have learned that it is no shame to trust God! "

Sergiu (16 years old): "I do not know how to start, but I can only say that for me it means a lot this group. We are a real family, we are a small group of friends where we can joke, we play, we have fun. And what is more important is that I learn as much as I can about the name of God. So I am glad that I learn things I didn’t know. "

Andreea (13 years): "In the King's Kids group we know God more, we learn how to get closer to Him, to follow His way, to be better people...For me this group is important because there I get to know God. Also in this group I got to know wonderful people who teach us many good things ... "

Casian (13 years): "For me, the King's Kids, means to learn how to protect ourselves from harm, how do not do bad, but to be good. We have learned many things about Jesus, we have learned that He is good and loves us very much. For me it is important that when we begin to talk about the Lord, we have to take it seriously and learn something. And we should leave the church with something in mind."

Romela (14 years): "Through this group we can get to know each other better. We have learned that God is always near us in good and bad times. By songs we praise God there."

We appreciate that you will continue to pray for these wonderful young people!

Danny Kuehnert, KKI Medias / Nemsa


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