Autumn made its appearance slowly. The change is feeling in the air, and the joy of a new beginning ... school year, new ministry. 

"If you believe you will see the glory of God" - John 11:40

These are the words that echo my mind when I think of the journey that stands before me!

My heart is full of joy. After three long years, in which I have invested in relationships with Kenyan workers through internet, God helps me to visit them and to serve together.

At this end of the year (10 November - 13 December), with a team, we want to use our gifts, talents and knowledge and to be a blessing to Kenya's children and workers.


These are the possible ministries we will be involved in:

  • blessing of local missionaries
  • Tribal Evangelism;
  • ministry in the orphanage for babies;
  • ministry in the children's orphanage;
  • ministry at a medical clinic;
  • ministry with homeless people;
  • prayer walks.


Prayer requests:

  • visa;
  • wisdom in the relationship with the team and the locals;
  • to be a blessing there;
  • for a partnership with an orphanage
  • physical, emotional and spiritual health



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