CEAI Project (“Who is This Jesus”)

The desire to invest in the young generation in Medias did not go away. So we are still running the meetings with youth, called CEAI (“Who Is This Jesus”).

We chose a different format of meetings because we want to be a support for the youth, not just providing a place to meet.

From the beginning of this autumn we moved to another room (we rented a room at the Christian “Emanuel” Center). We open the Hall every Tuesday at 2 o'clock and everyone is welcome for a tea, a discussion, or just to sit and read a book. From 5 o'clock we have an hour and a half meeting where we read the Bible together, pray for one another and praise God together.

We close our time with a meal, because the deepest relationships are created around a meal.

When a door closes, another opens ...

Since the beginning of the year we have decided to postpone the school that was planned to start in January. So we postponed it for October. We’ve hoped it will happen for this time, but the potential students began to give up for various reasons. It was not easy to accept to cancel the school. But one thing we know for sure: God did not give up on us! At the moment, we are trying to connect new relationships, to invest in what we already have, to motivate others for mission, and to disciple others. The command of discipleship can be fulfilled in different ways. And we are also open to run this school when the Lord tells us to run it.

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