The Enes went to Jordan in mid-October to work with the refugee families. Here are few words from them:

"We will visit refugee families, distribute food and things for them, and work in a special Christian school for refugee children.

As you may know, these people had to flee from the war and lost everything they had, some of them lost their children, wife, husband, mother, father. It's hard to imagine what trauma children have been going through, now, trying to survive in a foreign country without one of their parents or maybe, orphans.

Every time we visit refugee families, we have the opportunity to listen to their story and then pray for them or encourage them. Also during the visits a door that the Lord has opened to us are the little ones.

It's a time when we can show them love. We play with them and bless them with a toy to remember that are still little children even though, they sometimes act like grown-ups after all that they had seen and experienced in war. Many of them don’t have any toy or, for of them some to play is no longer an option.

We are in Jordan because we chose to listen to God and not to our own feelings that were telling us that it is better to stay in Romania. So we came to Jordan to be a blessing to Syrian refugees and to develop new partnerships between the ministry here and the Romanians who want in any way in this country.

We feel honored by God that bring us here for the third time.

And our need is the need of words inspired by the Lord when we visit the refugees and wisdom in everything we do!"

What can we do? Pray for their protection, and for the people with whom they come in contact, to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior in their lives.


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