When did you ever evangelize 1 million people?

News from Dana and Viliami

In the last letter, we were telling you that, physically, we got on a mission on four continents. Even though we are on the long term in India now and the number of countries we have been able to travel is limited, God helped us reach many places in the world through the gifts He has put in us.

Both, Viliami and I like media, the IT world, and we actively use many types of materials, webpages, and social networks to bring people to the Gospel and to the Christian values. Today I want to share with you just what the Lord did through a video we posted on Youtube.

10 years ago I opened a Christian Video Channel. But in the last year I posted several Christian movies and videos there both in Romanian and in the different languages of India. Some of them I have just translated, others I have done them by myself, many are from other sources. In February, I posted a short video about Revelation without words, and I translated the description of it into several languages (with Google translate). Through this video I encourage people to repent. Something has happened! The video has spread like fire across the globe! It already has more than 1 300 000 visitors from more than 170 countries, many of them non-Christian or from countries that are closed to Gospel: India, Iraq, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates and some of that I've never heard of them. There are hundreds of messages in all languages. People ask the Lord for forgiveness, pray, have questions, confess their doubts or their faith in other gods, others preach and urge them to believe in Jesus and repent. Yet the video is clearly described as a Christian and people are watching it!

It's something I could never dream of! I have missionary colleagues in different closed countries who can scarcely say the Gospel to 3-4 people in years of mission there. The Lord is good! I pray that more Christians will become aware of the power of the media and use it for the Lord. I need people who know Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic etc. to answer the comments and to those who have questions.

We do this in the harsh conditions here, with poor internet and interruptions, with heat and humidity that spoils our computers/phones. The electricity is often interrupted. And not once cockroaches came out of the keyboard when I was working. We use free or cheap programs and it's not easy. As many of these will block our computer. I recently opened an YouTube channel where we collected hundreds of Christian resources in Indian languages. We wanted to start motivating the locals to produce Christian materials. Pray and support financially this ministry to spread God's Truth as much as possible.

They are coming home after many years of serving in East Asia!

 Pavel & Roxana 

We are back to Romania! After 10 years in this province - in a total of 13 years (16 years for Roxana) in Asia - it's time to take a 6-month break. We want rest for a while and recharge for the next season. In a way, it feels like we're starting now!

Thanks for being close to us through this time, too!

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