For many years God has called us to reach the young generation of Medias with Gospel. We’ve had various ways through which we have challenged young people to seek God. But from time to time we have felt how He led us to change our ways of sharing the Gospel.

For 2 years God is speaking to us about new ways to reach the generation of young people in Medias. Namely, creating frames where we can have fellowship with young people and they can share about their lives ( to be listened, encouraged and to have answers to their questions).

That's how we decided to have an event called "The God Story" at the beginning of May. It was a good way to proclaim the Gospel to the youth downtown.

The purpose of the "God’s Story" event was to motivate the youth in Medias to accept Jesus in their lives and to live their life according to God’s plan. At the same time, we want to challenge them to live for the good of the community and to use their gifts, abilities and time to extend God’s Kingdom.

Knowing that young people are looking for models to follow, we offered them good models. Performers on the stage have been chosen to be people with character and people who have proven they know how to use their abilities for God and those around them.

The event was organized in partnership with a team from YWAM Heidebeek, Youth Alive in Brateiu and the youth group in Valchid.

There were performed several artistic moments in which many young artists, stuntmen, rappers from the Netherlands and Romania used their gifts and abilities to share the most beautiful love story - God's Life-Changing Story.

More than 150 young people came for the event, and some of them received prayer and left their phone numbers to be contacted.

In this way we got to organize another event called, Pro Adventure. The project was for teenagers and young people. It had two goals: to share with them the story of God and to go with them in outreach.

At Pro-Adventure came 12 youth from different places and from different denominations. And we had 3 extraordinary days in Medias, while we read the Bible looking to the most beautiful story ever lived by creation - the God’s Love Story.

After the 3 days spent in Medias we went for another 3 days in Apold, a village about 60km away from Medias. We went on the streets to give the New Testaments and to share God's Love with the people there. On the last day, we did two evangelistic events on the street, to which, to our surprise, came more people than we expected.

The young people were extremely encouraged to understand the God’s Story, to live it out and even to tell others. Here are some testimonies of the participants to the Pro Adventure:

“When I heard of Pro Aventure Week, I thought it would be just a fun time and that's all. I thought it was pointless to go especially because I did not feel good. But the thoughts and plans of God do not compare to mine. A few days before the camp began, going through a heavier situation, I prayed: “Lord, I lost, help me see the light again. I don’t know how but, please, help me.”  I really got lost a little in the darkness in my relationship with God. When I got to the camp and they were speaking about a "KING" I remembered a "KING who died for me" I thought of Him, I talked to Him, and I came to a place of peace, joy - I came to light. In the camp we could see how the love of God was at worked, raising and changing young people from our camp team, but also the people in Apold village where we were to serve and proclaim the Good News. I was so surprised by the time of praise and worship we had together, of the friendships we have tied together. God is amazing!” - Adriana, 17 years old 

“This camp has helped me grow in my relationship with the King and to get another perspective on Who God is! During this time, I found out what unity and joy means! I could see changed lives and that's the greatest joy!” - Estera, 16 years old


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