Hadasa B. went to East Asia three and a half years ago with the thought of staying there for many years. She began by studying language, a way she also received a visa to live in China. 

In the summer of last year, she tried to extend her student visa for another year, but she only received a visa for another 6 months. It was the first signal that something is changing. Hadasa tried to work for an IT company in those 6 months to get a work visa but it was denied. 

Before the winter holidays, she urgently arrived in Romania to solve some of the papers she needed to apply for the International School in the town where she received a position as a manager. After many struggles and changing some papers, she managed to apply at the Employment Office. She was waiting to receive the visa. 

At the end of January, however, she received the news that she was not eligible for a work visa. She is now in Romania, waiting for guidance from the Lord for what to do next. With more details about her situation, we will come back next time.. 

Let us pray for Hadasa B. and for China.



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