The Discipleship Training School was postponed this year.

Our mission school continues to be a tool through which God uses us to disciple young people, to challenge them for missions, and together to learn to be ready to act according to His will.

We have planned to run such a school from the end of January 2018. Due to the fact that we did not have enough students, we decided to cancel it and with the help of the Lord, we want to run it at the end of September 2018.

God spoke to us very clearly that we should change the focus of the school for the moment. So we will be focused very much on the Bible, hence the name of BIBLE DTS.

How will we do that? In a number of ways, namely reading, studying, learning by heart, distributing and interpreting theatrical. What we will sow will remain! We believe that through different ways of using the Bible we will be able to reach the hearts of people. Creativity and dependence on Him will be our guides.

If something is worth keeping in your heart and investing in your life, that is BIBLE! (Moni Ene)

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