News from Rebeca

In April, it's been one year since I moved to Nepal. Though the purpose of this year was to learn Nepalese language and culture, this year was for me a „teaching year” on many plans in my life. I learned how to write and read in Nepalese but also to love Jesus, as I have not loved Him so far.

I have learned that the easiest thing to do is to quit when it becomes hard. But giving up is not an option in finishing the fight and receiving the crown.

When God speaks to us, when He gives us a purpose, a vision, He shares His heart with us. At that moment we see a hint of what it can be, yet it's enough to move from our "ordinary area." Why? Because God always calls us for something greater than ourselves, and not because of our merit, but because of His grace and His glory. That's what moves us, and that's what keeps us!

 Chhemi, a 20-year-old girl I invested in, got baptized in April. It is such a joy to see how the Lord changes her life, to see her hunger to know God. Chhemi has longed to visit her mother who has been working for over 7 years in Singapore. We prayed together for this, though it seemed impossible for her to reach her mother. But God is a specialist in changing the impossible to possible! So this summer Chhemi managed to visit her mother in Singapore whom she did not see for 7 years. It was a real joy and blessing. After returning to Nepal, she found a good job at a nearby school. I thank the Lord for his faithful way of answering prayers!!!   



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