Three years ago when we moved to Craiova one of our dreams was to see young people from Oltenia who would know God and His heart for the nations and would be ready to go in mission by themselves. We were surprised to see this dream come true in such a short time.

We are glad that the youth from Oltenia understood the heart of God for the nations and they wanted to go to bless the nations. 

This year, not only we as team, attended the ProMission Festival, but we managed to bring with us over 10 young people from Oltenia in different locations of the country.

Moreover, the team who came in outreach in Craiova was made up only from youth from Oltenia.

For us it was a great blessing to see that when we are dreaming and walking with God He makes the all things possible. And dreams are becoming true. So it is very clear to us that only God can do it.

God continues to give us dreams and we only wait to see how He will bring them to life. One of them is to start a "Church Planting Movement"


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