The Morosans, Croatia

One evening, when Ana and I started the street evangelism, I felt rather exhausted. I sighed, I turned to her and said how nice it would be to meet some Canadians (Ana is from Canada). So that I could have a conversation effortlessly. I just wanted to talk to people who were open and friendly.

I was partly selfish because I was tired, but also because I really wanted to share my life and faith more easily.

We took some Indian food from a street food festival and sat down to eat. I spoke with three girls in front of us for a while and finally they asked us where are we from. I replied "Canada".

And at that moment the couple we lingered a few minutes ago interrupted by saying that they were also from Canada! We have come to talk to them about a few hours, about Jesus, about our passions, and how people find fulfillment. We prayed together and could see that they were touched by the Holy Spirit.

 I was full of enthusiasm. I could not go over the way God heard me and paid me enough attention to respond to something so small. I did not even pray for that, but he answered me anyway. It was simply the desire of God to bless me. I've seen He cares for me so completely, and He always has my best interests in mind. I still can’t go over how careful God is. He is not far away from us. He cares about you all, and His deepest desire is to reveal His great love to you. I shared the Gospel with them, even if I was tired, but at the same time I was blessed back.



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