Two weeks ago, as we were going to Târnavioara, we me two boys on the way. We stopped the car and we invited them to the meeting that we are organizing it weekly. 

Though they told me they would come, I did not expect this to happen. They smelled cigarettes, they looked poorly dressed and that made me to be suspicious about coming to our group. To my surprise, they came. At first they were more uncomfortable but the welcoming atmosphere we created and the activities helped them to integrate quickly.

Because one of them didn’t know to read we had to change the Bible reading method (one by one were reading 3, 5 verses) so that they will not feel bad. 

I was glad to see them paying attention while I was reading from the Gospel of Luke. Also their answers to my questions showed me that they were attentive to what I was reading. 

Let’s pray for these two boys, Dumitru and Niculai, that they will continue to come to the meetings that we organize. And that they will meet Jesus.

Sergiu is another 12-year-old boy, who is coming to our meetings since we started. He is a more active child, often this requires our patience. Sergiu usually tells us many of the memories he has with his grandmother. While she was alive she would bring him to the church. His parents are not interested in the church, so is he. Sergiu is coming to our meetings being more attracted to our activities and friendship. Actually in Sergiu's situation there are most of the young people who are coming to our meeting. They are not interested in the church or Jesus, but only in our activities and our friendship. However, at each meeting, we challenge them to read the Bible, pray, and seek God to have a relationship with Him. 

We continue to pray for them, to meet Jesus, and to change their lives. 

Moni Bidu

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