For several years we have constant problems with the heating system of our base. Often we were staying in cold or with no hot water. At the beginning of autumn we were able to check the heating system and we came to the conclusion that we will not make it through the winter. So we asked different specialists to check the system and to give us a few options.

It seems that the simplest option is to improve the existing ecological heat pump system (replacing a defective compressor / or replacing the boiler, digging another 4 wells at a depth of 100 m, installing an HPAC system that will change the boiler operation in winter operation in summer operation, installation of flow-meters on each well)

As these fixing and upgrades will cost between € 22,000 and € 35,000, we need the help of as many people s possible and of the friends of our ministry.

How can you give?

1. MONTHLY: 150 people to support us with minimum 10 euro = 50 RON per month for an year!

2. QUARTERLY: You can make a quarterly donation (eg 30 euro / once every 3 months)

3. SPONTANEOUS: or you can make a single donation with the amount that God tells you to give!

* with the specification "for heating system"


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Update about the heating system - February 2018


We've managed to solve some of the heating system problems at the base... 

We dug another four wells of 100 meters, with God’s help and with the help of many people who were donated money to us. So there have been enough heat from the earth that the heating system uses to heat the house.

All of this cost us 12,000 euros, of which 7,000 euros we have already received from many supporters. Thank you for your support.

Because this winter was not very cold we managed to heat the house without fixing the heating system and we still investigate whether it can be fixed (the actual machine that produces heat) or we have to change it. If we need to change it, an additional € 23,000 investment will be needed. If not we do hope to be able to fix it with a maximum of 10,000 euros. We make this investment with the hope that there will be no further investment for the next 15-20 years.

God is so good to us!

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