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News from Pavel and Roxana

God led us in the last few years on a different road than we thought and planned. None of us is a business person, in training and vocation, but the actual changes of the law in China forces us to open profitable businesses to receive the visa. This is how we got to start our business as missions, a project through which to take the good news, but also be able to get the visa.

G. has a small tourism agency and hikes, and he comes from a province close to ours, but he lives in Xining, the city that we are in, for a long time. At our first meeting, he told me clearly that he wanted our relationship to be strictly professional, and he didn’t want me to talk about Christianity. A few weeks later, I put him in contact with a Chinese brother who was more qualified than me to give him advice on the new business he wanted to start. He was profoundly impressed with the principles that this brother runs his business after, and he told me he never saw a Chinese businessman this honest. It was a great moment, when I could tell him why we are different.


News from Hadasa

God opened a big door for us in working with students through the English club. Through those who come regularly to the weekly gatherings, there is a group of people who are very dedicated, they come weekly, and we can see their honest desire to learn and to spend time with us. This year, we started using Bible stories as a material, and at the end of each lesson, we have free discussion on the text and how we can apply the principles we learn in our day to day life.

Romans 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

One afternoon, we received a threatening message from a student, who said he was the voice of all the students in the English club. He said I his message that I cannot change their religion or their culture, and if I don’t stop, I will need to flee the country, because he will turn us in to the authorities. I was scared at first, and I seriously thought about giving up, but I remembered that I have brothers that I can pray with. After meeting with them, I was encouraged to go on and to trust God, that He will keep me in China, and safe, for as long as He wants, even if some people would rise against me.

Two months have passed since the incident, and nothing bad has happened, the meetings at the English club go on, and God is with us. Please pray for this ministry.


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