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In 2016 we reached 13 countries from 3 continents of the world sending 15 longterm missionaries, 10 outreach teams- a total of 84 people! In our base we hosted people from 24 different countries who come to be part of our projects or schools.

 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?Numbers 23:19

You will be a blessing for many nations” is what God promised us years ago, years in which we couldn’t dream of airplane flights, because they were so expensive, we barely had money to pay the rent for the house in MediaČ™ and to eat. But God was faithful to His promise even if we didn’t always believe.

At first, God spoke to us about a few countries where we should go and be a blessing. Then He spoke to us about focusing on seven countries/locations in which to invest more (Rep. of Moldova, Oltenia, India, China, Egypt, Serbia, Kenya). In the last 8 years, we managed to plant two mission centers (Oltenia-Craiova, Rep. of Moldova-Cahul) and to send and support Romanian missionaries in all the seven locations.

But God was not satisfied with this, He challenged us to spread our tents and spoke to us about going from seven locations to locations (Oltenia, Rep. of Moldova, India and China) and areas (Balkans, Middle East, Eastern Africa). This challenge/vision, because a great wave of Romanian youth who will be ready to take the Gospel to the ends of the world are in training, is what He has told us for a few years. It was hard to believe this and to see it, but we stepped out in faith and now we see that He is wiser.

We managed, in the last few years, to send one family to Croatia, one girl to Nepal, to be part of a ministry that works with Syrian refugees in Jordan, to receive workers from Kenya and even Tonga (one of the missionaries that we support in India got married this year with a man from Tonga), all of these things being a confirmation that God is calling us to prepare for something grand that He is about to do.

We are enthusiastic, curious, but also scared of what God has in store for us in the next few years. We keep on supporting one family (Paul and Ruth), and one girl (Estera) in China, one family in India (Dana and Wiliami), one girl in Nepal (Rebeca), one family in Croatia (Dani and Ana), the mission centers in Craiova, Romania, and Cahul, Rep. of Moldova. We are also ready to walk into what God has in store for us in all the locations and areas that he lays as a yoke of chocolate on our shoulders, a yoke that we pull at, but it’s sweet as chocolate.

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