2016 has meant for our literacy group a year with various stages because we had more people involved in this ministry. In the spring we had with us 4 girls 

from the Discipleship Training School who have been very helpful by allowing us to deal with each child. During summer, our meetings took a break because we were away on outreach, but we have started again in the fall. We were glad to have a team from Switzerland who visited us and had a heart for these children and have invested a lot in this ministry, it was indeed a real support to us!

Meanwhile we continued to teach them the importance of prayer, to tell Bible stories and also to help them with school by improving their knowledge and inspire a desire in them to become people of integrity in society.


What makes us continue to invest in them is their openness and their desire to learn more and also the fact that we saw in them a growing respect towards us. Even if we still have many reasons for discouragement that could make us give up, we continue to look at the growth and improvements, no matter how small they may be. We are glad that this year we managed to invest more in two of our teenagers: Cosmina is 12 years old and lives close to the base. Their house is actually a room she shares with her younger sisters! Parents are away in Italy to beg ... Cosmina just finished the 4th grade and her desire is to finish at least 8 classes. We want her to go to college and discover her talents and the calling of God for her life. Catalina is 16 years old and she doesn't go to school, her responsibility is to take care of her younger siblings. Emotionally, she has not developed properly and she is very vulnerable. Because they are so trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle, surrounded most of the time by people who are not a good model for them - when they reach adolescence, most of them continue on the same path as their parents or relatives.

3 years ago Cosmina expressed her desire to receive Jesus into her heart! At first we thought she wasn't really meaning it, but later on we saw that her desire was sincere! We are more and more surprised by the questions she has, the way she processes things, her open heart to learn and to have a different life!

For them, there is a very vulnerable season coming: the teenage years in which they will go through big changes and challenges! We wish so much that together we can deposit in these girls a strong foundation that would remain through all the tumultuous years of adolescence! We managed to take Cosmina and Catalina in the camp for teenagers this summer, and the girls spent a very nice time there! During the altar calls, Catalina came up front to pray for her and she received Jesus in her heart too! We could see her eyes sparkling with joy after we prayed for her, even though she may not fully understand what was happening! They enjoyed the camp so much that it was hard when we had to go back home.

 We do not know how this ministry will continue, because many of them will move from our neighborhood in just a few months, but we'll try to keep in touch and see how we can help them.

God is faithful and this year we received an answer to prayer: Angel, a girl from Kenya joined our staff for one year and she brings diversity in the community. The children love her and we are also glad to have her with us. We are grateful for this!

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