Called to be more...

Jun 23 2014

You are challenged, you have questions, fears, failures, you are looking, you feel you need guidance, to receive trust, to make new decisions....
Everybody goes through here, in different circumstances and moments, but what it maters is not only that we go through, but the way we go through.
After the ProMission Festival that took place in the summer of 2013, organized by YWAM Medias, many Romanian young people that came from Italy expressed the desire to organize a mission conference in their church.


This happened in 8-11th of February 2014, and its purpose was to challenge, motivate and mobilize Romanian young people to get involved in mission.
God worked in a wonderful way! Here are some of the testimonies of the young people:

“The conference from Italy helped me. God spoke to me a lot, He revealed Himself and challenged me to rise over my fears, questions, loses. My desire is to go in the summer at the Festival and in the outreach” (Asuenci Corina )

“This conference raised in my mind a few questions and helped me take new decisions; I reached the conclusion that I can limit God. I can prevent Him to be involved in everything I do. If we involve God in everything and we spend time with Him every day we will know Him deeply, know who He really is. We would see His greatness and the authority received from Him..”(Emma Curic)

“ I was drawn by your way of worship, by your love to one another, but also about the love you transmit; your way of worship is reassuring for the soul and gives peace to the heart … makes you jealous for Him” (Debora Galai)

Where do I go? What do I do with my life? What is my purpose in life? In a time like this, it is essential to have people that will believe in you, to encourage you to search and discover God's plan for your life. Pray for this young people from Italy, that they will hear God and will step courageously forward trusting Him.

Rebeca Sărăcuț
YWAM Mediaș

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