Blessings and challenges in Târnavioara

Jun 23 2014

We continued to get involved in Tarnavioara. It is an immense joy to see these young people growing in knowing the Scripture. Since January until June we continued with presenting different characters from the Bible.

We chose them linking them to the names of the young people that come to the group. Our purpose with this was to challenge them to want to know more from the Scripture and to encourage them to put into practice the biblical principles forgiveness, friendship, respecting their parents, etc. We looked at the life of Moses, David (the friendship between him and Jonathan), Paul, Ana (Samuel’s mother) and some others.


We went on holyday over summer. One f the girl from Tarnavioara was so eager to start the group so she started to give us calls, asking when we start again. We started in the beginning of October. A new cycle of bible lessons is the life of Jesus and what He has done for us. Besides those we have a time of prayer, praise and worship and in the end we play some games. Our payer is that through all of this they will get to know Jesus personally. In the following months we will continue to study the life of Jesus an at Christmas time we want to go caroling in the village. We did it last year and for all of us it was really encouraging to do this. Through this they had the opportunity to experience to pray for the people we will go to sing too and not ask money for it.

The biggest challenge we face regarding the group is to explain to them in such a way they will really and fully understand what Jesus has done for them personally. Since last year we observe a growth regarding them, they pay more attention to the lesson and they answer easy to the questions.

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