Searching for answers in a world filled with questions!

Jun 09 2014

Often we ask: What do I live for? Which is my purpose of my life as a christian in this world? Today more and more young people have a lot of questions, are searching for something they long to find out their meaning.

A few weeks ago 5 courageous young people (Rebecca from USA, Alex, Moni, Sami and Alina) came to Medias in our mission base with the hope that in the time they will spend here they will find answers and new meanings.

In our mission base they have the opportunity to discover their gifts and to get involved in different activities: with children, young people, evangelistic projects and church planting, practical activities in the mission base, being part of short term outreaches and training classes, etc.

We combine all of the above with prayer, bible study, one to one discipleship and being part in other activities of our team through which our aim is their spiritual growth and developing a more profound relationship with God and people around them. Those young people come from different parts of the country, from different christian churches, and our encouragement is to continue to be active and a blessing for their churches, and also an example for the other young people of their age that have the same questions and searches

Our base is open for this kind of young people that desire to discover their calling, to prepare for local and international christian ministries or to be a person with impact in a sphere of society. So if you are this kind of person, we are waiting for you to contact us!

In the name of YWAM,

Rebeca S.

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