Church Planting Dumbraveni

The church planting work from Dumbraveni started in 2010 in partnership with the Baptist Church from MediaČ™. In this city we had a church that had activity in the past but there were no members but only 1-2 old-aged families without a pastor and the construction of the church was dismantled. Our team goes every Sunday to serve and to encourage people to come to Christ through evangelism and other activities in this city.

In the spring of 2013 In Dumbraveni we had a baptism. A young man wanted to be baptized here, although he is not from Dumbraveni, and now he works with YWAM MediaČ™.
God gave us an idea of how to invest more in children and youngsters, so we started to make football training every Tuesday and other activities with the children in the city. And through these we want to be closer to them, to befriend with them, to teach them the christian principles, and to show them the love of God.
At the beginning there were only 5-6 youths and now the number has grown to 15 and they come regularly .
We organized evangelism with teams and with Operation Mobilization.

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