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Stiri din Etiopia

Ethiopian experience this time was a bit different and maybe easier than the first time because I already knew certain things about culture. By the grace of God I managed to reach different cities and villages in Ethiopia, where I met workers of the Kingdom and I was able to be part of the some ministries they are involved in. In every location where I have been, I have seen the great need for workers for the Kingdom of God. Here spiritual battles are more intense, and there are many areas where the devil keeps people captive, stopping them from tasting the Truth.

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comunitate 1 comunitate 2

Life at YWAM Medias is beautiful, with many opportunities, blessings, joy, beautiful moments, moments when we pray for others.

Yes, the Lord has done great things for us, and that is why we are full of joy. Psalmi 126:3

But there is also a less pleasant part, when the loved ones after a time are moving to another place. And this time is about Estera B. and Rebeca S.

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Open Doors at YWAM Medias

Open Doors

Between July 8 and 20, we invite you to join the "OPEN DOORS at YWAM Medias".

⇛ Do you want to know and experience more about missions?

⇛ Do you have a passion to help your neighbor?

 Do you want to share the Gospel to other people and to serve them?

We are waiting for you at "OPEN DOORS at YWAM MEDIAS"!!!

More information here:

  •  email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  •  phone number: +40752020139

About 2018

Youth With A Mission - To know God and to make Him known.How would I describe our trip with God this year?

We started thinking that we want God to do something new in our community, that we want to know better the will of God for us in the new season we entered.

And this season was not easy for us, because when you want to know the will of God, when you want Him to do something new, it first involves breaking down the old things that do not bring fruit. And this process requires a lot of humility and pain.

We were like a land that God has worked and cleaned it to be able to plant new seeds that later will bring fruit.

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King’s Kids

King's Kids

I have long felt the call of Jesus to bring together young people who have the potential to carry on the inheritance of making disciples for Jesus.

And this year in September we were able to meet with a group of 12 young people for the first time.

Together with Siril, a missionary from Norway, we were trying to implement the King's Kids (YWAM) principles, the biblical principles that we are guiding as a movement.

Now we prepare, through monthly meetings, to take the Gospel to the Dobrogea (a region in Romania) area next summer.



"For me to be part of the mission group means preparing for the time when I can show people the love of Jesus. Here I can learn what the mission really means, namely to give up myself for others."- D.B.

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