A baby was born.... - Febr 2014 Newsletter

It is a miracle to hold in your hands a new baby born 4 days ago. Sara came into our world two weeks ago, as the second child of Bogdan family. She is amasing, bringing joy and peace. And she is an example for us, an example of trusting even though she doesn’t understand much.


In the same way we have to trust our Father. Like with the DTS that started yesterday. We have students, the staff with their plans, and the teachers who promised to come.


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Searching for answers in a world filled with questions!

Often we ask: What do I live for? Which is my purpose of my life as a christian in this world? Today more and more young people have a lot of questions, are searching for something they long to find out their meaning.

A few weeks ago 5 courageous young people (Rebecca from USA, Alex, Moni, Sami and Alina) came to Medias in our mission base with the hope that in the time they will spend here they will find answers and new meanings.

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Blessings and challenges in Târnavioara

We continued to get involved in Tarnavioara. It is an immense joy to see these young people growing in knowing the Scripture. Since January until June we continued with presenting different characters from the Bible.

We chose them linking them to the names of the young people that come to the group. Our purpose with this was to challenge them to want to know more from the Scripture and to encourage them to put into practice the biblical principles forgiveness, friendship, respecting their parents, etc. We looked at the life of Moses, David (the friendship between him and Jonathan), Paul, Ana (Samuel’s mother) and some others.

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Discovering the treasures of the Word of God and their transforming power

In the beginning of October we started a new School of Interpretation of the Bible with 15 students. The students are from different counties of Romania and two of them are from Republic of Moldova (some of them came only for few weeks). The first stage of the school is the lecture part alternated with practice in local churches, so then they can go further in different locations and countries to do the outreach part.

The journey into the world of Scripture started by learning first the method of inductive study, not an easy one for the young people accustomed to receive certain religious/theological ideas from the people that give teaching and preach in the church rather that study themselves to find out truths for them and their time.

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