Jesus is risen- Apr 2014 newsletter

Not an accident

Jesus dying, was not an accident. He said He will give his life and will take it back. Because Jesus is risen we are free from captivity. We can live the present with joy and have hope for the future.

Vasilica is blind because of an accident. He was electrocuted few years ago. Burns have left traces on his body. When we travelled to south Romania last month, the doctor said the cure for him is surgery. Great news in the end of the week we spent there working construction, farming and cleaning. The boy is trusting God providing for him. He is an example being thankfull for what he has no matter the circumstances in his life. We have hope for him and his family. They are in the process to learn how to live the life according to the relationship with Jesus.

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Europe- on the streets- March 2014 newsletter

Romanian Christians think about Germany as a country you can get resources from, finances and also people, not a country where you can go in missions. Our friends in Reutlinghen challenged us to go one more time for a week, to share the Gospel on the streets in Germany.
I discovered Germany is a mission field as much as Romania, maybe more in some areas. After a long trip by car, then one night for rest we arrived there and started to work. We were working with groups of children in schools, old people, people with disabilities, refugees from Africa and encouraged young people from  Germany to involve in missions.

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Called to be more...

You are challenged, you have questions, fears, failures, you are looking, you feel you need guidance, to receive trust, to make new decisions....
Everybody goes through here, in different circumstances and moments, but what it maters is not only that we go through, but the way we go through.
After the ProMission Festival that took place in the summer of 2013, organized by YWAM Medias, many Romanian young people that came from Italy expressed the desire to organize a mission conference in their church.

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A baby was born.... - Febr 2014 Newsletter

It is a miracle to hold in your hands a new baby born 4 days ago. Sara came into our world two weeks ago, as the second child of Bogdan family. She is amasing, bringing joy and peace. And she is an example for us, an example of trusting even though she doesn’t understand much.


In the same way we have to trust our Father. Like with the DTS that started yesterday. We have students, the staff with their plans, and the teachers who promised to come.


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Searching for answers in a world filled with questions!

Often we ask: What do I live for? Which is my purpose of my life as a christian in this world? Today more and more young people have a lot of questions, are searching for something they long to find out their meaning.

A few weeks ago 5 courageous young people (Rebecca from USA, Alex, Moni, Sami and Alina) came to Medias in our mission base with the hope that in the time they will spend here they will find answers and new meanings.

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