Being a blessing for KENIA

Binecuvantand Kenya

Looking back, we can say that God is faithful and everything that He begins brings to the end. After three years with His help I went back to Kenya with my sister. I saw there and I met there people transformed by God.

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un cadou deschisHere are a few testimony about “An Open Gift”:

"For me, the most beautiful in this period was the caroling. I loved bring the Good News. The lyrics helped me to have another understanding of the truth of the Christmas holiday. I have realized and experienced the true joy that came to earth with our Messiah the Redeemer. When visiting the kindergarten, where we were able to bring the Good News to the little ones, I felt the same joy as I saw in the eyes of the little children. A lyric from a carol that we sang these days says: "Make room for Jesus in your heart, do not let Him go." It marked me! I want to give all my heart to Christ, not just for Christmas, but every day." - Darius Ratiu

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30th September 2019 - 6th March 2020

Why Pray And Go?

Since last autumn we have begun to organize in Medias some events called Pray and Go. The focus of this event is on evangelism, especially, for the young generation. There are many ways to bring the Gospel to the lost, such as: prayer for sick people, giving New Testaments, personal testimonies, songs, short messages about Jesus' love, treasure hunts (in this context, hearing His voice for specific people which they should reach).

This is what God speaks to us for the next phase. And we want to make it more known in Medias area and beyond.
We believe that God will raise a generation of young people who will be ready to obey Him, to go out and to carry the Gospel to the lost.

These activities will be a part of theoretical phase and outreach, as well.

Ten years among the Semoy Buddhists

IMG 20190313 WA0012Since the beginning of the year we were thinking that it would be a good time to take a break, to rest and to contemplate on God's faith in our lives in the last ten years.

When we moved to Semoy in 2008, we thought we would only stay for two years, enough time for God to open our paths to go to Asal where I (Paul) worked before we married. The time passed and it took God to "shake" me a little to understand that our calling is not necessarily for a specific place (Asal), but about the people of this group who have not yet heard the Good News. It is not about us, but about God and these people whom He loves so much.

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New opportunities - Floreşti

Noi oportunităţi Floreşti

First we visited the village Floresti about two years ago. It is 35 km from Medias. There we gave Bibles to people.

In December last year, God told us to go back to this village to carol a few families.

We understood that God wants to use us more in this village. So we started to visit a family with 5 children weekly. We also started to intercede for this village.

What we know is that God wants us to be tools in His hand to work “the land” in Floresti.

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