Turkana Camp

tabara Turcana  

"Turkana" Annual Camp in Kenya, March 2019.

Location: Lake Turkana.

Participants: Turkana, El Molo, Rendille and Samburu tribes.

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Pray for many lives to be changed as a result of this project!

Elisa C

ProMission Festival 2018

In August we organized the ProMission Festival where young people come from different locations of Romania and abroad for 4 weeks. The first week we focus on knowing God more by worship and teaching. Then for 3 weeks we focus on making God known by sending outreach teams.

This year we were able to bless a more tribal area in India (Manipur), for the first time we went to Ethiopia, Constanta, Oltenia and the Mobile Team that was in Bucharest, Galati and Botosani (Romania).

God worked through these wonderful young people.

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An open gift

The last days of autumn full of colours and the aroma of the last hearvest, make you feel fascinated to contemplate and reflect. It's almost the end of the year.

How much of what I've been planning this year, have I done?With the cold season come the questions. What gifts will I receive this year? What gifts should I give? Where will I spend the holidays? If you aren't sure about all these, come with us!!!

Do you want to be a gift for others? Do you want to bring joy to those around you?

And this year we would like to be a blessing for the Medias area. "An Open Gift" is an annual project when we go to the strategic areas in Medias to offer: a smile, a glass of hot tea, a Bible and prayer for the passers-by.

If your answer is "Yes!", we are waiting for you to join us from 10th-19th of December 2018. We are waiting for you.

Serving among refugees

The Enes went to Jordan in mid-October to work with the refugee families. Here are few words from them:

"We will visit refugee families, distribute food and things for them, and work in a special Christian school for refugee children.

As you may know, these people had to flee from the war and lost everything they had, some of them lost their children, wife, husband, mother, father. It's hard to imagine what trauma children have been going through, now, trying to survive in a foreign country without one of their parents or maybe, orphans.

Every time we visit refugee families, we have the opportunity to listen to their story and then pray for them or encourage them. Also during the visits a door that the Lord has opened to us are the little ones.

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The Food machine

Did you know that the "food machine" is an aquatic system that can produce, in a very simple and fast way, fresh food for a lot of people?

YWAM (Youth With A Mission) uses this system to meet the physical needs of hungry, too.

In the world we live in, over 800 million people die every day, and the lack of food is one of the causes. Hunger and poverty kill about 25,000 people every day, most of them are children. Malnutrition destroys the lives of mothers, who become helpless in caring for their children. This is happening on a very large mass on the whole earth. Malnutrition plays a major role in the lives of half the children who die annually and causes illnesses and disabilities in the lives of surviving children.

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